Softball game vs. Ed White

Rhyannon Mercer, Softball game vs. Ed White

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Westside softball team played their second game against Ed White last night, and did not take home a win. The girls had their heads down throughout the game while Ed White took that as an advantage. “I guess we took the L for the day” said Rhyannon Mercer (CQ). All night Westside’s girls made mistakes and made the game worse than the coach expected. “You guys gave them this game; not only making all the simple mistakes but giving up on each other as a team” said Jeffrey Gidcumb (CQ). Westside’s softball girls are on a losing streak, at 0-2. Last nights over all score was 15-0. “I hope the girls step up their game and show what they can truly do, or we will not win a game this season”, said Rhyannon Mercer (CQ).

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  1. Brandi Pierce on March 1st, 2019 8:29 am

    This is a good article it is about students winning a softball match and playing against other teams and beating them and taking home the grand prize

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Softball game vs. Ed White