What’s Gonna be the Name of Westside’s New Mascot?!

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What should be his name?!

Westside High School got a new mascot – a vivacious, school-spirited wolverine! The staff at Westside High is still deciding what the new mascot’s name should be; there is currently a poll on the school website that gives students the option to vote. The options so far include: Westley, Wes, Logan, Mr. Wild Wolverine, Willie, Vicious, Walter, Wonka, Wompa, and Jack. So far, Westley the Wolverine is winning by eleven votes! The poll is only going to last another six hours today, April 21st, so hurry and vote to give your input! What do you want to call your new school mascot, wolverines?

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What’s Gonna be the Name of Westside’s New Mascot?!