Senior Year Opinions

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Q-Do you like what we have for senior week?
A-Yes, everything besides the zoo. Because the zoo is something that we as seniors have less fun doing when growing up.So we should do something that is very entertaining.

-Tamesha Mollary

Q-Do you like homecoming theme?
A- Yes, a little because it can be a date night out after its over.

-Sakan Golden

Q-Do you think that it will be a lot of seniors activities that happen this year?
A-Yes I do because of SGA is planning a lot of activities.

-Taylor Young

Q-Do you think that the activities that are happening in 2017-2018 affordable?

A-Well prom should have BOGO deals like last year because there are many students that are wanting to go this year. Homecoming is affordable because its just 10 dollars , but really we need down payments that are good for students to attend many events that are happening this year.

-Jakeria Todd


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