WHS Yearbook: New & Improved

Carson Josma

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This year marks the beginning of a new generation. The Westside High School yearbook has changed management from Mrs. Mary Maraghy to Ms.Shiquon Collier. When asked about how she felt about the change Maraghy said, “I wish her the best, I hope she succeeds, and I hope she sells more than I did,”. Maraghy did the yearbook for 4 years and said, “It was fun and I’m ready to pass it on to someone else.” When asked about why her success with the yearbooks wasn’t so great she simply stated,” I’m not a very good salesperson.” Although, Ms. Maraghy has stepped down from the yearbook, she is still in charge of the school website westsidevoice.org. We also spoke to Ms. Collier and asked her how she was feeling with the newfound duty. She said,”I am excited about the new position and the challenges and success that is ahead.” She also stated the yearbook will have many improvements. “One thing that is different is that it is a larger book and will capture more aspects of the student body,” Collier said. The Current price of the yearbook is $65 and will increase to $70 after Sept. 29, 2017. “One thing that students should all look forward to is the yearbook signing party where every student who purchase a yearbook will get to attend.” said Collier. The purpose of the party is so that students can sign each others yearbooks and say their last goodbyes. This year looks very promising and students say they always make sure to buy a yearbook to keep a permanent recollection of this years memories.

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  1. Adron Johnson on January 24th, 2019 5:30 pm

    Great story and improvements with the yearbook.

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WHS Yearbook: New & Improved