Comedy: “What had happened was,” by Sebastian Lee

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I remember the day, as if it was two days ago, maybe because it was. But let me explain how I was falsely accused of skipping when I was just trying to get some exercise. Well, it was a beautiful day to play a little basketball, or as I would say get your hoop on. And that’s exactly what i decided  to do  7th period. Instead of going to Mrs. Mary Maraghy’s  class, I took a journey back court, where I was balling like Kyrie Irving on Red Bull. This wasn’t skipping because I believed there was a law passed that students will be involve some type of activity to prevent obesity. On that day, no type of physical activity was provided for me. So I took it upon myself to assign my activity. Well, long story short, I was caught by Coach Rodney Dubose and escorted back to class following a severe tongue-lashing and a referral.

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  1. Sebastian Lee on October 10th, 2017 10:16 pm

    lol “Rodney Dubose”

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Comedy: “What had happened was,” by Sebastian Lee