Journalism 2 first Basketball game

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Team 1 defeated Team 2 I’m a neck-to-neck 36-34 game.Team 2 scored scored 0-9 on team 1 just 6 minutes into the game leaving the crowd angry. As team 1 fire side is coming out, Clarence Conyers makes a lay up making them in the 25-23 “first off. If it wasn’t for my team, we wouldn’t have got the W”said Conyers from team 1.”They did a good job”said Carson Josma from team 2.

A tired Clarence Conyers after coming in from the basketball court where his team has just won. 

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  1. Adron Johnson on January 24th, 2019 4:28 pm

    Great job playing as a team.

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Journalism 2 first Basketball game