Not So Fun At Chuck E Cheese

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“Being a game room technician sounds fun if there were no kids”says Gaven Shepard “working 8:30am to about 4 in the afternoon at a place filled with children is exhausting “When asked how he liked his job he responded as honest as he could “i hated my f***ing job”Shepard worked at chuck e cheese for 2-3 months. Pros about working in a fun filled environment was; getting legal money, using a walkee talkee,being able to play games, and stealing candy. In order to get to work he biked 8 moles everyday that he has to be present the cons of  working there were;racist managers,horrible kids, being harrased for coins and tickets , and wearing the chucky suit. “Parents were a**holes too, it constantly stunk ,and pay was sh*t”

Shepard had always wanted to work at chuck e cheese when he was young. He regrets working there and is starting to work at Target next. The job never got in the way of school because he worked during the summer and quit before school started again.

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