Why Cook Monday Tonight!!!

Carson Josma and Abraham Mills

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Bring your parents back to school at 5 for Why Cook Monday today!

Why Cook Monday is an after-school parent-involvement activity fest started by Westside High Schools SGA faculty and staff. It is open to all Westside students and their families. They will be able to eat free food, play board games, and indulge in artistic activities. It even includes a playroom for younger kids.

“The purpose of Why Cook Monday? is to improve parent involvement at the school,” said Ms. Hendrix. Why Cook Monday gives parents an opportunity to be enlightened on their children’s progress and behavior in class.

The food is cooked and prepared by the SGA staff. The head chef is Ms. Hendrix’s mother, who is heavily involved in SGA and school activities.

The next event will take place in Westside High School on February 12, 2018 in the 200-300 hallway. We encourage all students to bring their families and have a great time.

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Why Cook Monday Tonight!!!