Grant A Wish

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If only you had a wish how smart will you be to choose?

Senior Tyrese Whyte (CQ) wished for “infinite wishes”. Some are witty as Whyte but other want needs. Kevington Hilaire (CQ) a recent exchange student from haiti wishes for something yet small but not so simple for him. “I wish to speak english” saying in his native language french, raising awws from bystanders listening in to his response. From students to teachers the more personal it gets. Angelo Jardina (CQ) looks off through the hallway forcefully thinking. Having everything he needed at this point in life his only wish would be, “I wish my dog would live long enough to eat the whole bag of dog food.” Mentioning his dog was 16 years old. 2 out of 3 individuals each said the exact same answers, “Be a millionaire”. That would make life easier but would that actually make you happy?

If you could have one wish what would it be? Life works in mysterious ways.

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Grant A Wish