The Importance of getting flu shots

Rebecca Gibson, Writer

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Rebecca Gibson is a new student to Westside High School. Her younger cousin died recently of the flu. She agreed to share her story in hopes of encouraging others to beware and get flu shots.

Kevin Baynes Jr. ” KB” died Jan. 28, 2018, because of the flu. He was only 7 years-old and so full of life. Every time, I saw him he ran to me and my sister and was laughing and smiling, it was the cutest thing ever. You NEVER know the importance of the flu until it kills people you love. He stopped breathing in the middle of the night. They took him to the hospital on Sunday he was pronounced died. They’re doing an autopsy on his death but they’re pretty sure it’s the flu. My mom and I got the phone call on Sunday Morning on the way to church. I knew something was wrong when she said “Are you serious?” and busted in to tears. The whole church service we were crying, the hardest part was coming home and telling my younger sister, she loved him so much, we all did. It kills me knowing he is gone. Somebody posted a gofundme page and in 24 hours we raised $4,923, we are so thankful for everyone who donated. His viewing is on Wed., Jan. 31. Parents, please, I’m begging you, get your children flu shots. Too many people are leaving this world way to soon.


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The Importance of getting flu shots