Special Needs

Reagan stoker, Editor-in-cheif

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About a third of students have special needs such as deafness,speech problems, and learning  disabilities here at Westside.

Mrs Davis is a support facilitation teacher helps 40-50 kids with disabilities in their classes.

Her biggest challenge is she can’t really see the students as much as she would like.

Keith Edwards is a teacher. His special needs students out work his normal students. He feels they need  a quiet teaching environment. Edwards has 30-40 kids with special needs.

“No one wants to be isolated,” he said.

Carol Harper is also a facilitation support teacher.

She sees 10 students a day. About 300 of 1,500 students have an IEP, which is a document paper explains your disabilities what they need to do to fix it.

Intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, speech problems and behavior.

Myralyn Miller teaches speech therapy.

She has 52 kids, in high school many students have been enrolled in language or speech therapy since they were in elementary school by the time they get to high school some of them do not want to come.

They are embarrassed if they are called to speech therapy.Those peers sometimes make fun of them. Miller is emphatic she puts herself in their students shoes.She thinks learning should be fun,laughing at the mistakes.Some kids have challenges like freshmen, Khani Thompson 15. He has a speech disability it can be troublesome for him because of classes and time. Thompson used to be made fun of for having speech problems. He does get made fun of at home ,his mom wants him to do well in school and speech.”Just because I take speech does not make me different.” Tyler moon who is also a freshmen and 15 has an IEP but for hearing problems and gets extra time.Sometimes it can be difficult for him because he has an IEP and hearing problems.”Just because I am different doesn’t mean i don’t work just as hard” Sometimes it gets on his nerves when people ask him the same questions they already know the answer to.

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Special Needs