Black Panther Movie :)

February 28, 2018

More than 50 students saw the “Black Panther” as part of a school day field trip last week in Five Points.

“It was the bomb. It was great,” said student Ronesha Collier.  “All the actors were attractive and the movie had a great story line.”

Some students have been dressing in colorful African garb to support the movie which promoted Africa as a well civilized and technologically advanced place.

“Technological advance in a country that people think is crap,” said student Kai Stevenson, who saw the movie twice.

Nationial Honor Society and student government members were invited to attend this informative film about culture.


Representatives from various cultural organizations paid for the field trip.

At the end of the movie, the representatives spoke to students about their backgrounds and views of the “hood.”

A police officer said  everyone has a different perspective. In a way, we have so little information to react on, he said. The officer said we do 98 percent of things right but we get 2 perccent of things wrong. And the 2 percent is what gets publicized.

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