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More than 160 students have been helped in our schools donation center.

The Den was initially started by our 2-year SGA  teacher Ms.



” If our students aren’t worrying about what they are


wearing, or if they  forgot something at home, then they would be


more engaged in  school,” she said.

Donations and  fundraising are a big factor for The Den. Just this


morning, there were 6 trash bags filled with clothes dropped off.

She also got a full service  schools grant for The Den for $400.

It started last year when we started getting donations for The Den.

“But it took all summer to get it  functioning,” Ms. Hendrix said.

 “It’s all mostly organized  by  size and gender,” said Terry Flores, an SGA student.

The closet is filled with extra clothes also. The den also has things like perfume, lotion, deodorant, and etc. so if you forgot anything

at home, the den has got your back, Hendrix said.


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