Idiotic Excuses Struggling Artist Like To Make (Editorial)

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Now, many of you reading this arent artist and couldn’t care less about art but stick with me, i’ going to make this as interesting as possible.


As we all know, drawing is difficult and it requires a lot of discipline and pure talent to become great at it. As a struggling artist myself, I understand that mastering proportion and anatomy is tough and takes a long time to get it right, but some artist try to make excuses for thier lack luster techniques and art.


I’m not a perfect artist myself. As far as i’m concerned, I’m not super good at it yet, but i don’t tery to excuse my failures. I address them and attempt to fix them, which causes me to become better each time I draw. One excuse i hear is that ” I’ve been drawing all my life!” Thet spout this as if this exempts them from all critisim,  and gives them respect points but, guess what? It  doesn’t!  What makes this so stupid is that wheather or not you’ve been drawing all your life it  does not matter. You wanna know why? Because everyone has been drawing all thier life. In kindergarden, everybody had to do thoes assignments where you were to draw stuff to go along with what you did the previous weekend or what you did all summer. Even in high school,  there’s still some assignments where you have to utilize your ability for a poster or something for a grade. Yeah, there’s people who draw more often than others and possess more talent with art, but everybody has been drawing since they were 2 years old!


To be great at art,  it requires you to have a skillful hand and a impressive understanding of proportions and anatomy, and if you don’t have that you will never get any better. I’t doesn’t matter if you’ve been drawing since you were in your mothers womb, if you don’t have thoes things, you’ll never get better.


Another excuse struggling artist spout at is “oh it’s just my art style”. Hearing this make me so mad! Drawing lopsided breast that sits upon your characters shoulder is not an art style. This is called not knowing what the human body looks like. The diffrence between bad art and a art style is that an artstle looks nice and crisp. You can tell that the artist is drawing that way intentionally and it’s nice on the eyes. For an example, look at spongebob characters. Though it isn’t anatomically correct, you can tell that the author is doing that on purpose and it looks great. Now look at your five-year old cousin’s drawing. It’s clear that they don’t have an understanding of anything, and you can not call that an art style.


Saying that  your suffering art is an art style is not okay because it’s not. If your art isn’t the greatest right now, that’s fine. Just practice and try to get better. Do anatomy practices and try to apply it to your art. Don’t make excuses for it.

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