Was It really a day of rememberance? EDITORIAL

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One editor’s opinion


Our nation dedicated a day to remember the 17 lives that were taken during a shooting in Parkland.

Students particapated in a 17-minute walk out on March 14.

Each minute was for each life lost, but was it really an honorary occasion?

Instead of honoring those who lost their lives, the students at Westside seemed to walked out to honor the 17 minutes of no learning and free time.

Instead of acknowledging the students and families in Parkland,  the students at Westside decide it would be a good idea to put in a quick game of basketball or play some tag. There was even a fight at school on this day.

I am deeply humiliated with the amount of childishness in this high school.

Even some of the teachers were embarrassed by the immaturity of the students. It’s pretty sad when students can’t take 17 minutes out of their day to remember grieving families and the lives lost.

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