Who will be the next Miss Westside?

Anissa Noujoum

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Westside High School has an annual pageant for their next ‘Miss Westside’.

This years pageant theme is ‘Diamonds and Pearls’.

What is Miss Westside you ask? Miss Westside is a leader in the community for the high school. She is not only a leader, she is the face of Westside and is also a representative for Westsides student government. One of the pageant coordinators, Megan Hendrix, says “Every school or company should have a symbol to identify them”.

Miss Westside is a junior in high school but runs as a representative for their senior year. Even if some of the candidates don’t win, they are automatically apart of  the student government.

The candidates are Akayla Otis, Milasantia Robinson, Bri’anna Davis, Bria Ellison, Mercedes Fournillier, and Raven Countryman. The pageant takes place on April 14 @6:00 p.m. in the Westside High Schools Auditorium. Tickets are $5.00 in advance or $7.00 at the door cash only. To get your tickets in advance you need to contact Ms. Henrix or Ms. Axelrod. Drinks may be provided.

The pageant has multiple categories, Formal wear, Interview, Business wear, and Talent. All candidates have to provide their own outfits. Ms. Hendrix hopes to inprove this years pageant by the ticket sales, and the girls participation. Ms. Hendrix advice to the candidates are just to ‘Be yourself, and Be confident’. So who is the next Miss Westside you ask? You’ll have to attend the p0agent to see.


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