What is the “Bridge to Success?”

“Bridge to Success is an essential link in providing individualized support, to help students graduate on time and ready to fulfill both college and career goals. It is the staff’s jobs to produce to provide our students with opportunities, while also keeping students engaged, challenged and supported.

Our students are gifted with limitless potential, with the effort of our entire school community , we can help them develop their own unique skills and talents and prepare them for continued success far beyond our buildings,” said Bridge Principal Vincent Foster.

The Bridge allows students to have a second chance to finish school on time. The program addresses all of the barriers to graduation through a comprehensive approach. There are four locations in Duval County.

One is located on the campus of Westside High in a non-descript series of portables. There is no signage so many people don’t know the program exists.

This school year there are 222 students enrolled into the program. The classes have around 7-10 sudents in a class. This is to give the class a “small family” style feel, so that sudents can bond and become close with each other. Students said it’s easier to learn in the smaller enviroment.

Some students like the program because it helps them keep away from drama, so they can focus more on graduating.