John Garren……..

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John Garren,publisher of count to four… play the drums as well as a UPS carrier a former student of Westside High School.

Garren was a drop out at 17 years old due to his mentality that he thought didn’t need education, he then joined a band since he had such passion for the drums.

At age 25 Garren finally woke up to dense idea and decided at attended college since he had already found ways to complete high school.

Garren said dropping out of school made his life more difficult and was his biggest mistake which he realized even more when he want to college at 33 years old with people 18 and 19myears old.

” Every experience I had has shaped and made the Person I am today” he said.

Garren thought elementary students drum lesson with a strategy he had discovered which he refer to as tab.

However his drum lessons started dissolving due to financial issues of his students parents, luckily he was inspired by his grandfather to use his tabs, write a book, publish it.

Garren did exactly what he was told as he also  self published his book and made around 400-600 copies.

Disturbingly Garren got into an accident while on his daily UPS rout.

Causing him to bear 11 screws and a plate going up from his calf.

Fortunately Garren is surrounded by a beautiful daughter and a supportive wife to help him get through his recovery.

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  1. Kaylee bachhofer on January 29th, 2019 8:58 am

    Just because learning something or taking time with something is more difficult than others don’t give up. Nobody isn’t any different than each other

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John Garren……..