Students Finessing The System

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Teachers all over the school system have been at least once finessed by a student in their time teaching. Finessing a teacher means to tell the best worst sob story to get excused or offering something in return in comparison to passing the class.

Mrs. Axelrod here at Westside High admits to being finessed by many students laughing she adds, “I always fall for my student’s stories because I believe them every time, I am too soft.” Students have even offered her money in exchange for passing grades.

Another teacher passively engaged adds, “I rarely take excuses, because I am serious about your education. If you want to tell me something that happened I want you to make an effort to write it down and then let me see it.”

More than 3 teachers have admitted to bending backward for students. Mrs. Morales quoting with a loud chuckle, “If it’s legit you get it.”

Even as wild as the stories are, some can actually be truthful. Things happen all over but by being open-minded you can try to figure out if a dog eating a students homework is true or false.

Mrs.Axelrod informs us that one day a student brought his chewed up homework to prove his story that his dog had ate it. Even though its bizarre of how rare it is to see a crazy story be a reality, you don’t know what might happen. Life in all is bizarre.

Not only at Westside High have the students tried to trick the teachers with excuses and sob stories but it is known to be a worldwide issue. Teachers fighting the urge to not accept cash for grades only because they want the students to actually learn. Going the easy way out isn’t always the easiest later on.

At the end of the day, the excuses you make is on you.

“Excuses show that you are content with failure” -Myles Kendrick 2018 Senior at Westside High


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Students Finessing The System