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Abuse is real; short story

One Tear Baby

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One Tear Baby

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As my hands scurry through my darkroom I reach the side of my dresser. Restraining my vision, I focus on a small rectangular device besides my hairbrush. As I grab my phone from my dresser, I hear footsteps stomping down the hallway.

I turn around to face a dark, threatening shadow standing at the entrance of my room. Nowhere else to look, I stare deep into its endless pit of black. It reaches its hand out, waiting for the phone. I dig it into my pocket with no hesitation. Feeling my heart pound against my chest I strain a whisper, “No.”
The furious shadow, turning rage red, charges towards me, grabbing the side of my head. A thumping sound and a split second of black flashes through my eyes. Seconds after regaining consciousness I immediately touch the back of my skull where it throbbed. “Ouch.” Bringing my fingers in front of my eyes, I barely see anything but dark. Rubbing them together I feel a thick substance and I start to panic. I hold back my tears as I frantically search the room for my attacker. It’s not here. As I crawl towards the open door, I see it.

In the middle of the hallway looking down with its back towards me. Do you think it might’ve regretted what it did? I held my position and lifted myself up. I slowly walk behind it to see my phone smashed on the floor. I instantly grab my pocket to feel emptiness. I swallow back more tears. It turns around and stares deep into my eyes with no remorse and says,” I’ll break more if you cry.” 

Just because it’s the first time, it’s still abuse. You are not alone. Life isn’t supposed to be lived in fear. I understand the deep trouble you may be in and that it feels trappable but It’s not. It’s your mind that’s trapping you now. Don’t let fear control your decisions for your life. If you say no it’s NO. Your life is now beginning, not 16 or 17 years ago but now. You just have to push out of that circle you’ve been in for so long. and do it for yourself. I promise if you speak up and find a solution you can regain happiness in your own environment. You just need to step one foot out of your door and make the change yourself, without looking back. You can’t wait for someone to guess whats going on, or it’ll just keep going on. YOU need to make that difference in your life. Don’t be afraid if you get lost outside, there ARE people and places fall back on. Play smart, be smart.

Speak to your favorite teacher, THEY CARE.

Speak to your counselors, they’re here for Counseling. Not just for credits.

Speak to the school officer

Speak UP

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