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Mental Illness

Mind Over Matter "I'm representing you, but one day you'll be the one representing this generation."

May 1, 2018

Promoting a group of categories speaking of bullying and mental illness is happening on May 9th in Fscj. Speaking on a broad of self-harms and self-care there will be discussions about mental health and health being. 13 students from each school in Duval are meeting together to speak about struggles emotional and mentally. This field trip hosted by yours truly Counselor Mr.Rosales and as chaperone joins Mrs. Margahy.


Will update with pictures soon…. See you there 🙂



UPDATE; May 9th

Jacksonville’s current mayor spoke to us through this conference of Mind Over Matter. He said, “Dream big, once you  know what you want to do follow it.” Helping students understand that nothing stands in their way.

Joe whom I couldn’t catch the last name was a representative who spoke to students about staying motivated and finding your passion. He quoted “I’m representing you, but one day you’ll be the one representing this generation.” Inspiring students to stand up and speak up was their goal, and they achieved just that. Kendjy Fontes a student at Westside high joined the conversation and said, “This has helped me be more openminded with different kinds of people.”

Quotes being said, gifts being handed out students were eager and nonchalant after the conference was over.

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