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Guest Visitor Benjamin Conark

Benjamin Conark, cop beat reporter for the Florida Times-Union, came to Westside High School’s journalism class to speak to students about his award-winning article.

Walking While Black” was one of his most awarded piece he wrote. For going through research, he made us understand his perspective. More than 95% of the students in the class were actively listening and peppering him with questions.

Everyone sputtered out laughter following his outbursts and comical attitude he engages us completely in his conversation. Ronesha Collier a student responds, “If you’re trash at jaywalking, you should get hit with a car “. Giving us plenty of answers to response to our anxious questions he explains thoroughly.”Honestly, I don’t believe jay walking tickets are necessary,” said Benjamin Conark.

Why he does what he does?

“I like taking down people with power,” he said. “Every day’s a fight.”


Video by him that hit over 1 MILLION!

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