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A Focus on Volleyball and Swimming

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The following sports are not promoted so I want to bring your attention to them. They are doing fairly well because they focus on the progress rather than the scoreline. Volleyball is usually promoted at other schools but here, at Westside, they aren’t promoted at all. So I want to bring to your attention how they show progress and advance as a program. The Varsity volleyball team has been progressing well. Coach Kemp says they’re getting better because they are hustling and making smarter moves. They’re also learning fast to keep up and advance in skill and talent. Coach Kemp’s goals for the end of the season is for them to play at a higher level and make it to Districts and Gateway Conference and then win those leagues, but their record is 1-4, however they show promise to improve. The JV volleyball team is also making progress. Their record is 1-3 right now, but their coach, Maraghy says they are progressing. All the coaching staff is hard on the team because they know they can do better than they are. Their goal for the end of the year is to become the new varisty team and then to advance next year. The other sport that doesn’t get much or any publicity at this school is our Swim team. They are doing so well and their first meet was a success, because they won 21 out of 22 events. The coach is Ms. Murphy who also won the teacher of the year award. She says that the Swim team is progressing well because they are training hard so most of the swimmers are breaking their old records from the last year.

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A Focus on Volleyball and Swimming