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Nurse Shortage

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Accidents happen at school all the time. There are kids with asthma, allergies, diabetes, and more. Is Westside High School prepared for these emergencies? Westside High School has a school nurse but she’s only present on Thursdays. Cheryl Daughtry, who works in the front office, had to ride in the ambulance with a student who passed out on campus. Daughtry was the only staff member on campus that could ride with the student. “I hope I never do it again.” Commented Daughtry on the event. Daughtry believes it is a budget issue. The student who passed out is confirmed to be well. There’s a city wide shortage of nurses in Duval County according to The Health Advisory Council reccomends at least one school nurse per school. The school board is unsure of where the funds for school nurses will come from. Will Duval County come up with the budget? If so, when?

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Nurse Shortage