Kynan’s Story

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Back in the old days the challenged kids were kept away during school. They had their own lunch, different buldings for classes and were treated differently. However at Westside High School these interesting young adults are being incorporated into the classes and activities just as everyone else. Kynan Kellum is one of those kids. He describes himself as ” a bundle, just a bundle.” Kynan is very productive in his classes, always knowing the answers to all the questions and he’s really engaged. “He is very funny and his personality draws you to him,” stated his resource teacher Mrs. Deldre Gregory. Including kids like Kynan not only benefits them but also their classmates. Wasiu Lawal and Kynan have this love/hate relationship. They’re always joking and playing around . Walsu says Kynan is “funny, outgoing, and a good friend.” Although Kynan can be extremely sarcastic sometimes, he’s still fun to be around. ” Hello, welcome to Chili’s”, “Everyone’s a little gay sometimes,” and “You figured it out, you solved the puzzle,” are all random sayings by the wondeful Kynan Kellum. These comments mounted the eruption of laughter from his classmates. Many say Kynan is a ball of fun, he’s interesting, smart, a big character, and overall a good person to be around. The inclusion of Kynan and kids like him was a great move made.

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Kynan’s Story