Westside seniors on thin ice!!!!!!!

Dominique Guishard, reporter

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Seniors were skating, hooting, hollering, falling and making congo lines and shooting cell phone photos on the ice.

The Westside senior class went ice skating for its first field trip this year. In their matching black 2019 hoodies,  the seniors bundled up and went chin first on the ice. Ok, not all of them, just Tyree Smith. He thought he was a figure skater until he took a digger and split open his chin. The bloodshed did not stop the rest of the students from skating. Everyone skated around him, laughing 0r showing concern. And hoping they weren’t the next to go down.

Many first time skaters were slow and cautious, inching around the rink with their arms spread like an eagle.

Some held hands and helped each other.

Senior Jasmine Stepps slid a few feet on her knee.

“Overall, it was great. It was my first time skating. I could do without the falling part,” she said. “But, you live and learn.”

Some seniors were natural born skaters. One first-timer called himself a prodigy.

Many fell on their buttocks.

“Are you okay? Are you okay?” rang out from passersby.

“It was a phenomenal time,” said senior Zacchaeusia Porter.



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  1. adviser on December 13th, 2018 2:17 pm

    Great story, Dominique!

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Westside seniors on thin ice!!!!!!!