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What is school for?

I ask all of those who are graduating with 3.5-4.0 grade point averages, but barely know how to cook for themselves.

For those who could excel at certain subjects, or work better hands on, rather than sitting and listening to long speeches.

For those who fail all of their classes because nothing clicks.

School is supposed to teach people how to excel at life but instead teaches them things that they will never use again in life.

However, I can’t say it’s all bad such as knowing context clues and Algebra, but almost nobody will ever need to use the pythagorean theorem in their lives.

Instead schools should focus on teaching their students how to fill out a job application or apply to colleges, but students are too worried about their next essay or project they have to turn in.

Any student could be the next person to cure cancer but has failed or dropped out due to bad grades in history or and F on an exam. So I must ask again, what is school for?

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