Difference Between American Schools and Syrian Schools

US vs Syrian Schools

Rowan Aboeid, writer

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As you know schools have different teaching methods and systems and law, I will present to you the difference between Syrian and American schools. First of all in America the desks are for individual students, they are the only ones who can sit there and there are no drawers. That’s different in Syrian schools, the desks are for three people and there are drawers. Also in Syria there is no cafeteria you simply walk in the yard in front of the classes, first you get a 15 minute break then after two more classes you get another 15 minutes. The break time is the same as in America, 30 minutes, but there is also another difference, everyone brings their own food because elementary schools don’t sell food, but in high school they do. Also, in a typical class in America the students go to the teacher’s classrooms but in Syria the teachers come to the student’s classroom. There is also no vending machine or tablets or any smart devices other than a school computer only used for one class in Syria. In Syria, Monday-Tuesday consists of six classes, but Wednesday-Friday consists of five. However,  in America the week consists of four classes a day. Also, there are no security guards and the door remains locked at all times. If a parent comes they have to go through the teacher’s door, and in America it is the opposite. In America a typical day at school is eight hours but in Syria it’s six hours on Monday and Tuesday and five on the others. In Syria, when there is a midyear or finals, from the 7th grade to 12th the following students take a month off from school to study. Also, during tests there is a schedule where the test come one after the other, it takes a week or so and students have to report in. They take it on weekends sometimes and they can leave right afterward.

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Difference Between American Schools and Syrian Schools