Palestine vs. Israelian reasons for conflict

Rowan Aboeid, writer

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Palestine vs. Israel

The reason for the fight is Israel coming into palestine and try and claim land . Also they occupied the piece of land which have a great amount of resources especially oil . It is a fight over who will get the land and controlled it . They came to palestine somewhere around the 20th centuary and the fight been going since.

The Palestineian kids hate the Israelian kids and always attack their tanks with rocks and stand against their soilders. There have been instinces where both sides shot someone from the other side. The israelian soilders are spreading everywhere creating borders which further frustrate the palestinain.

It is also a fight of different beliefs , law and religion. There have also been a recent conflict where the united state suggested to make Jerusalem israel capital but the palestine resisted. Also the israelian restricted access from the palestine to places that matter to them.


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Palestine vs. Israelian reasons for conflict