News about Syria, Palestine, Iran, Turkey, Iraq

Rowan Aboeid, writer

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Latest News In Palestine:

Soccer is currently the talk these days. Australia beat Palestine 3-0 in Asian cups. They have unresolved conflict as well. Israeli is worried about Chinese weapons in the Middle East.

Latest News In Syria:

The U.S troops are finally pulling out after various threats from Russia, Iran, Turkey and others. Syrian foils an attack in Hama. Syria reports an air attack near Damascus. Media is reporting that air defense units have responded to “hostile targets” near the capital of Damascus. Syrian also reports that IDF attacked Iranian militia targets in Syria.

Latest News In Iran:

Under Dutch and Danish pressure, EU hits Iran with sanctions after murder plots; The EU hit Iran’s intelligence services with sanctions on Tuesday (8 January) after accusing Tehran of being behind plots to assassinate regime opponents on Dutch, Danish and French soil. The move by the 28-nation block was announced by the Dutch government. India’s Iranian oil imports in December topped 300,000 bpd. Mother of local Navy is afraid her son who is being held in Iran won’t make it. EU puts new sanctions on Iran for Terror Plots. US convening international summit next month to counter Iran: Pompeo. Iranian minister offers to hold referendum on hijab as women protest (it has been a problem for a long time and women are not allowed to walk around without one or full body cover). Source: Amsterdam News
Latest News In Turkey:
Turkey plans to provide $570 million to exporters. Syria’s Kurdish refugees call for international community to back Turkey’s offensive against YPG. Turkey looks to join industrial hemp cultivators club again. Turkey prepares ‘intensely’ for operations in North Syria: Defense minister. Israeli pipeline deal with Greece means weakened Turkeyis being weakened.
Latest News In Iraq:
Turkey appoints Special Envoy for Water Affairs with Iraq. Large US troops deployment in Kirkuk causes Iraqi outcry. Syrian Kurds claim to capture U.S. teenager fighting for Islamic State. Car bomb blast kills at least one in Iraqi border town of al-Qaim. Iraq deploys special forces in Kirkuk amid Kurdish flag dispute.
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News about Syria, Palestine, Iran, Turkey, Iraq