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“New year New me” people say. But is it really a “New me”? Or will it just be a repeat of last year hoping we meet our goals but ultimately failing? In our journalism class we interviewed a couple staff members about their resolutions for 2019.

Tanyah Ali and Madison Allen interviewed Ms. Maraghy and Ms. King. Ms. King did not have a resolution. Like most people, she said she didn’t have one because she “Don’t stick to them.” She did have a simpler goal in mind which was to “become a better person.” Simple, but admirable.

Mary Maraghy did in fact have a resolution. Her’s were simple: to be nicer, calmer, and more laid back. We asked what had inspired her to have these goals and she said that looking through the year she’s realized that “the kids aren’t here very long,” time flies. We asked her progress so far and she said “50 kids in a class is hard.” We believe in her. We then asked her how long she thought it would take to complete her goal, to which she responded, “A lifetime.” Hopefully everyone can agree that you can always improve little by little throughout life. The last question was if she thought she would achieve her goal. Her response was “Yes, with faith, with God, all things are possible.” You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!

Now here’s a few tips to help complete your resolution! It’s never too late to make a resolution even if it’s March, summer, or even 2031, you can always make new goals/resolutions any time of the year! One of the first and most important things in wanting to achieve your goal is to just do it. When you put your mind to something that you want done, you have to put in the work to get it done. A lot of people wake up on January 1st and expect everything to change, but nothing will change until you change. The second tip is very important, which is to plan, plan, and PLAN. Many people don’t have what they want done planned ahead, they just have a goal in mind. If you don’t have the steps planned out to meet your goal, then you will fall up the stairs and have a much harder time reaching it! Set up mini goals that lead to one big goal to make your goal less alarming. The third step is to be calm and patient. You might have a couple setbacks but don’t let that ruin all your progress! Repeat steps till you complete your goals.

We hope you found some useful information from our article! Happy New Years and the best of luck.

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