The U.S new border

Rowan Aboeid, writer

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In my opinion i think it is pointless. If they do decide to build a border it would cause more harm than good. It would increase the chance for criminal activity and people will just find new way to do the same thing. Id there was a border then people might just come up with new way to smuggle drugs or will just smuggle the equipment to make some. Also it would be wrong to consider all Mexican or even leave a chance for this misconception. It would just stir anger and happiness on both sides. On one side it would be harder and more awareness toward drug smuggling which would make american happy but not the Mexican. Also there would be a job creation but could still be fatal cause accidents are unavoidable. Trump reason for trying to build it is just to say i am not a liar they stopped me from doing what i wanted. People are also not willing to donate so much money to build something that won’t solve problems.

Also people get richer from selling drugs cause the number or peoples addicted to it so they can just travel use an airplane by someone who is really legal or just use fake passport.

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The U.S new border