Sword Fighting Club


Caleb Thomasson and Christopher Stammers

Sword Fighting Club, the only club at Westside that allows somebody to  swing a sword at a class mate and suffer no consequences. Sword fighting isn’t role play or larping, it’s a club based on how to engage in combat, it teaches team work and coordination. Larping is live action Roleplaying, it’s an activity where people of all ages dress up as their favorite fantacy charater and engage in many forms of combat.  They play games such as capture the flag, 1 on 1, capture the king, and group battles. There are on average 7-10 people at club meetings every week. The clubs sponsor is Mrs. Muntain, one of Westside’s math teachers, who was given the opportunity to start a club so she jumped at the chance to create the Sword Fighting club. She has past experience in “Dagger”  There’s been no club or student-based issues within the club. In the future the club plans on going on field trips to day battles with larger groups of fighters, they’d engage in large scale battles that include tons of people. Mrs. Muntain feels that her club is unique and has great potential for growth over the years, gaining popularity and members.