What is GSA?


Joshlyn Miller and Caleb Thomasson

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is an after school club that has been together for almost three years now. GSA has had three sponsors since it’s started, including Kaylynda Colson, Robert Rosales, and Heather Taylor. Two of the sponsors were interviewed, the past sponsor Colson, and the new sponsor Taylor. They were both asked a series of questions regarding the GSA club.

Colson, a sponsor of two years started the club because, ” Nobody was leading one, there was a need for it,” said Colson. Colson believed it created a safe space for some people and gave them a chance to see Jasmyn (an organization for safe space.) When asked if she thought it would strengthen the community, she replied, ” Beyond Westside, community involement would benefit from it.” Students gained benefits such as finding allies, finding safe spaces, and finding¬† adults who are openly supportive of them.¬† The journalist asked, ” Do you think the students of the LGBTQ+ community are welcomed and safe at Westside? ” Colson responded with, ” The faculty, staff and admnistration try to provide that welcome and safe environment, but I have had students tell me they don’t feel safe. We tried very hard to change that for the students.”

Taylor, a first year sponsor of Westside’s GSA club or as she likes to call it, “Westside Pride.” Colson, the previous sponsor was unable to continue as the club’s active sponsor. Therefore, Taylor offered to sponsor the club in order to keep the pride alive.¬† Currently, ” We have 17 GSA members, a laid back environment, and everyone is welcome,” said Taylor. Come and check GSA out, in room 303!