Causes of Lonliness/An Unspeakable Tragedy Gone Completely Unoticed

Xavier Robinson

Xavier Robinson is a new student at Westside High. He has moved 21 times, faced homelessness several times and has schizophrenia. Xavier has a strong interest in mental health and he’s researching a new mental illness. 


What are you? I’m not talking about your body. I’m not talking about your mind. The truth is philosophers have been debating on what exactly we are. What says I in our heads. More of a consciousness then a soul. One day while I was researching into a mental illness and theories on it I cam across an interesting question. What would a human look like without one?

The majority of people I asked this explained that they would just be animals. Eat, Sleep, Basic programming thats easy to spot. I know this to be incorrect. A cat still reacts to pain and remembers. A dog still has a personality but lacks the “self” us humans have. The answer is, seeing someone like this, you couldn’t see any difference. They would still be them. Just a lack of self. The consciousness would be gone, meaning all they would be were walking biological corpses.

I have come on several teenagers with the same problem. They were lonely, but they would always have people around them. Friends, Family, Therapist yet they were always lonely. Loneliness itself is dangerous. Loneliness can cause depression which leads to paranoia which in turn leads to isolation and finally insanity. But why do they feel lonely? Humans always have had a sense of sorts. When something just feels wrong. Or even the feeling somethings there that cant be seen by the naked eye. Like paranoia, but different. Now consider this. What if you, the reader, whether you be in the middle of class, or in an office filled with people, were actually completely alone. That loneliness people feel, its not there for no reason, all the people around you are more or less, biological corpses. The consciousness cut out and digested, and simply just gone. A plague over the earth.

People have speculated on something that could do such a thing. A machine, an entity? If such a thing existed it would be well ahead in our future but time is just a dimension. Time is happening all at once but simplified to a pace humans can cope.

 The answer could be argued, but I believe that people with possible D.I.D or even M17 “which adds a sense of other personalities” do have that self taken out, but sense they have multiple they stay in a conflicted mindset. So whether this theory is true or not I will continue to look into this theory and leave the belief or not to you.