Mythos Anonymous – One

Max Valcarcel, Fiction Writer

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“I hate it, being a Half-Blood. Monsters chasing after you, having powers that are sometimes just useless, somehow knowing over a hundred ways to use a scalpel- no one? Just me, huh? Well…comes with the godly parentage…” A dirty blonde, hazel eyed teen wearing a orange shirt under a red flannel with navy blue jeans and pink converse shoes as well as a golden bandana tied to her arm, explained then sighed.

Another teen, with messy black hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a tan brown long sleeved shirt under a black zipper jacket with brown khaki shorts as well as brown combat boots, rolled his eyes. “You think being Greek is tough or hard?” he spoke in a confronting fashion then scoffed. “How about being a magician and having the ability to host an Egyptian god with the worst god and/or  inferiority complex ever!” He stated in frustration.

“Well… How about we speak about this-” A calm teen attempted to speak but was cut off by another who stood up to have their argument known.

“How about dying in a painful way, at least it was heroic, then having a second chance at life that just turns out to be way worse than your first life!? Valhalla isn’t all great and golden and fantasy like as those Thor movies, who is honestly disgusting in so many ways in reality, make it out to be! It is super weird and terrifying, especially on Thursdays…! They bring out the worm dragons on Thursdays…DRAGONS!” argued the teen with a pixie cut dyed red hair, blue sky eyes, a short sleeved green shirt, light blue ripped at the knees jeans, a grey hoodie tied to their waist, and white tennis shoes.

“Maybe we should just calm down and-” the calm teen tried to speak again but was yet interrupted another time by the final teen amongst the group.

“Being Roman is much more harsh than any of that stuff you all whine about.” The eldest teenager in the group stated, “Legionnaries must go through relentless training. We don’t stay at some Demigod summer camp for children” The righteous dark brown haired, dark brown eyed young adult wearing a purple shirt and black jeans with red converse shoes explained, intentionally insulting the Half-Blood who spoke first. The Greek growled in anger from the insult and stood, glaring at the now smirking Roman.

“Let’s not get riled up or anything-” The constantly cut off teen that was just trying to keep chaos from starting among the group tried again at calming everyone, but the indistinct argument between the Greek Half-Blood, the Egyptian magician, Norse Einherji, and Roman Demigod had already stirred up and exploded in her face. She, the only teenager not involved, sighed with disappointment.

“STOP!!” The shout from the light brown haired, hazel green eyed, 16 year old girl wearing a black floral crop top, only showing her bellybutton and a small amount of her stomach, with a floral dress skirt and black ankle high boots had caused the argument to halt. “Just…stop..” the four became quiet,looking at her. “This meeting is supposed to be for sorting out your problems, NOT fighting. This may have been a terrible idea but oh well… I want to make this work so please be cooperative for just one, ONE, meeting. You guys don’t have to come ever again if you don’t want to.” She explained. “But just so you know, just because you guys are Demigods or magicians, and yes I count Einherji as Demigods, doesn’t mean your life is any tougher than a mortal’s, like me” The host of the meeting, a mortal teenage girl, told the four mythical beings of mythology then sighed.

“Now. You guys want to actually start this or what?”

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2 Responses to “Mythos Anonymous – One”

  1. Aureion Davis on March 8th, 2019 1:40 pm

    That’s cool

  2. Xavier Robinson on April 11th, 2019 9:58 am

    Loved reading this from a first person perspective. I personally use to study Mythos and was surprised to see someone beat me to the story. You should do one with cthuhlu in It, definetely would love to see that! 🙂

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Mythos Anonymous – One