Mr. Kemp’s Opinion

Reynaldo Hernandez, Allysiah-Rose Brown, Reporters

Mr.Kemp, a teacher here at Westside has been ok so far, but he says that it could be better. Kemp has worked in different school enviorments prior to high school, including colleges and junior enviornments. When asked about his teaching techniques, he was humble, and knowledgable about the situation. He simply replied “There’s only so many ways to represent your teaching, so if you know your students and how they work it’s a better experience”. Mr.Kemp also had so much to say on whether it is difficult to keep his students focused or not.  Again, he humbly replied that it is indeed difficult and that’s why he trusts the administration to keep their strict discipline habits up especially with the phones and respect rules and regulations to make his job a little bit easier. When we asked our final question on whether he believes if the rules are effective enough, he stated “they are only affective if they’re enforced, and done on the regular”.