Q&A With Security Mr. Charles

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Q&A With Security Mr. Charles

Nyah Harris & Cheyanne Martinez

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Q&A With Security Charles

Q: What is your name?

A: My name is Charles

Q: How do you feel about the fights breaking out and why do you think they are happening?

A: I feel like it’s very unnecessary. The reason it is happening is because these kids have no home training. It all has to do with a kid’s up bringing and how they are raised

Q: Do you think fighting is the way to solve problems?

A: No, it is very ignorant in my opinion

Q: How do you solve your problems and prevent yourself from getting into situations where you might have to get physical?

A: I do not put myself in that type of negative environment. I do not associate myself with those type of things

Q: How many fights have you seen break out ?

A: I have seen about 10 fights


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