Senior skip day

Victoria Gibbons, reporter

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Senior Skip Days are a common practice for high school students across the country, in which the graduating class picks one day of the year, typically in the late spring time and oft scheduled around prom or an equally important event, and collectively “skips” class for an entire day.

The parking lot of a school on Skip Day

This event is so commonplace one may even consider it a tradition, occurring nation-wide in large numbers since the 1970’s. Some documents cite the 1986 film Ferris Buller’s Day Off for the prominence of the practice, but the exact invention of the practice is unclear. Not all schools hold the Skip Day on the same day, but it is usually consistent district-wide.

Depending on the school, some students perform their Senior Prank on the same day—a similar tradition with equally longstanding history. And equally dependent on the school, some administrators jovially embrace the occasion, while others look down on it firmly. Westside administrators don’t seem too fond of it, typically loudly lamenting its scheduling and becoming frustrated with having to account for the absences in their classes. Not all seniors are thrilled with the idea, either.

“I really can’t afford to skip Friday, anyways,” said senior Tristan Feder (CQ). “It’s a B day—that’s when I have AP Calc.”

Whether you look forward to it or dread its existence, Senior Skip Day is a fondly regarded practice and a cornerstone of American teenager culture that likely won’t be changing any time soon. Save the date, or be left in an empty class!

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