School Dress Code

Geneva Burks, Symajah Locklear

A Student: Jordan Ray

  1. How do you feel about the gender bias roles in the dress code?

“I feel like it should be equality. If a guy can wear it, I should be able to too.”

2. How do you feel about tank tops?

“I feel like they should like a n**** gonna get hard off my shoulder, really?”

3. Do you think the dress code goes to body top?

“Yes they do, but I get it, some people know the clothes can’t fit them and they come up in the school trying to look cute but look like a hot mess.”

4. Opinion on slides?

“Certain shoes are uncomfortable so we should be able to wear slides. Like I get how slides are a liability but at the same time don’t nobody want to wear slides all the freaking time.”

5. Overall, is dresscode beneficial to students after highschool?

She stated a simple no.