Random Q&A with Isaiah Jones

Saniya Simmons, Reporter

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Q: What’s your name?

Jones: “Isaiah Jones.”


Q: How old are you?

Jones: “17 years old.”


Q: What grade are you in?

Jones: “12th grade.”


Q: Where are you from?

Jones: “Jacksonville, Florida.”


Q: What stuff do you do for fun?

Jones: “I play NBA 2K and Fornite.”


Q: What’s your favorite meal?

Jones: “I like chicken and fries.”


Q: What’s the most embarrasing thing that happened to you?

Jones: “When I was little, my uncle whooped me in front of my cousins and I peed on myself.”


Q: What’s your favorite shoe brand?

Jones: “My favorite shoe brand are Jordans.”


Q: What’s your happiest memory?

Jones: “My happiest memory is when my Dad got out of jail.”

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