Life as a Senior

Saniya Simmons , Reporter

Everyone always has questions for seniors to see what its like being one. Is anything different or is it the same and not what people perceive it to be? Here are a few questions I asked Daunte Mills about his take on being a senior.

Question #1- Does it feel different being a senior and how?

Answer- Definitly, just knowing you’re about to graduate and the year is almost over leaves you with this confidence.

Question #2- Do the teachers expect more from you, such as behavior and in your academics?

Answer- Not really, they expect less from you because you’re about to leave and most of the classes you have you don’t need.

Question #3- What are some obstacles you’re faced with as a senior?

Answer- Mainly just difficulties in classes and staying focused.

Question #4- Is being a senior fun and exciting like people say it is?

Answer- I wouldn’t say its fun but its the most easy going and light hearted grade.

Question #5- As a senior are there things you can do now you couldn’t do before?

Answer- Well, now I could not do an assignment and be ok.