ROTC: Logistics and Inventory

Titus Cockrum, Author

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Within ROTC, we have multiple groups of cadets that assist headstaff members. Example being Logistics, we gave our Logistics commander, vice commander, and about five more cadets that assist them. I happen to be one of them.

What is Logistics? Well, Logistics is the whole supply part of ROTC. We keep track of uniforms, shoes, flight caps, and much more. We are a small group tasked with a lot. Recently we finished inventory, this is where we count out one by one everything ROTC has. We are currently in the process of double checking our numbers.

Logistics is arguably the most important group within ROTC. We are the back bone and are in-charge of everypiece of apparel that any cadet wears at any time. We are also the ones that run both of the uniform fittings that happen in the beginning of every year. Anyone is able to join, if you’re interested, speak to your instructor, or speak to CL Nicholas Nguyen or CL Zachary Dudley.

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