Food interviews

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Poll 1 

McDonald’s or Burger King

Q1~ What’s your favorite restaurant and why?

Q2~ What’s your favorite comfort food and why?

Q3~What is your favorite home cooked meal and why?


Home cooked meal or restaurant



Tania McClain

A1~ McDonald’s

A2~Longhorn, because they season their food well

A3~Macaroni ,it’s good

A4~Beef and broccoli, it’s real good and the broccoli is fresh and the meat is tender.



Tarika Lewis

A1~ Burger King

A2~ Chuck E Cheese , because they got good pizza

A3~ Lays , they good

A4~Mac and Cheese, my mom make us really good

A5~ Homecooked meal


Taniya Weeks (Pyt)


A2~ Red lobster,  Good pasta and biscuits

A3~Noodles, Snack you can eat all day

A4~ Mac, Liver, Yellow rice , because it’s good

A5~Homecooked meal

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Food interviews