Teen Pregnancy

Noemi Camunas, writer


Magaly Arocho Suarez is a 33-year-old Puerto Rican women who became pregnant at the age of 17. She thinks that her story can help other teen moms who are going through the same thing that she went through.

As previously stated, she got pregnant at the age of 17. Many women find out that are pregnant because their period does not come, but in her case “I found out that I was pregnant because I started eating more than I normally ate and that was very weird,” she said. As a teenager, she did not feel ready to have a baby and the idea that her body will change so radically scared her. She did not realize yet the big responsibility that she will have, but when she did her fear grew. Unlike her, her family and the baby’s father were very excited with the coming of the baby.

And finally the baby arrived.

“It changed my whole life, all my life was about now was the baby, it was not me anymore, my priority was her,” she said.

She had left school previously and she never went back, not because the baby was an impediment, because it was not, she just did not want to go again, so she just worked. Her and the father work in the same place, so they take turns to take care of her. When she works he stays with the baby and when he works she stays with the baby. They were the perfect team.

“I would say that the mom’s life is very difficult, but for me it was a little bit harder because I had a baby with cleft palate disease and I was always in the hospital with the baby, I even forgot to eat,” she confessed. Even though it was very difficult for her at the end it was her greatest blessing.

“Teen moms, it will not be easy, your life will totally change and it will no longer be just yours, it will also be the baby’s. You will cry because you won’t know what to do, but at the end you will learn and every sacrifice will have its reward,” she finally said.