Part-Time Student

Mekilya Smith, editor

As many highschool students begin to come of age they also encounter the options of grasping a job. We all have particular reasonings for having a job but we also have to deal with school. Most of us struggle to keep up with both, and some of us learn to manage. I interviewed three students Latanya Johnson, Elijah Stallings, Mykah Mcleod who attend Westside highschool who share their personal experiences with this situation.

The first question asked was “Where do the interviewees work?” Latanya says she works at Little Ceasers, which she doesn’t find her self comfortable with. Elijah works at Advance Auto Parts, which he loves because he’s been dealing with cars since his childhood. Mykah works at Family Dollar and likes his job because it “pays.”

Next question which is usually the overall cause is “How many hours do you work in a two week period?” Latanya says she works 40-50 hours. Elijah says he puts in 40-44 hours. Mykah says he works 30-34 hours.These hours are particularly longer than the average teen job in times before compared to modern day.

The question after is “Why do you work?” Every student has a purpose for working so I asked in order to see the concept and understand from a student’s point of view. Latanya says “a b**** need money.” Elijah, who’s a senior and upcoming young man into the new world says he pays bills such as insurance, phones, and personal things. Mykah says he works to “get payed.” These reasons are common for most teens who prepare for their state of independence.

The effect has now taken its place with “How does working effect your performance in school?” Latanya says she becomes extremely tired. Elijah says he has less time to do anything and is tired as well. Mykah says he as well becomes tired. As we all  know students who are tired lessen their focus and perform and score lower in school.

The last question I asked was “would you recommend it to other students?” Latanya aggressively says no because she believes it to be too much. Elijah says yes because,”If you want something then you need cash, and to get cash you have to work, at that your going to have to get a job sooner or later anyway so just get one now.” Mykah says,” No, but if you need it then do it, but if you have good people at home who will provide for you then don’t, but everybody has needs.”

In closing of this article was to highlight the struggles of a student managing time within school and work and how so far they’re making it work.