Senior panoramic Friday


As the school year continues, Westside High seniors are preparing for even more senior activities, and this Friday, the 8th, is time for the senior panoramic.

The shooting for the senior panoramic will begin at 12:45 near the gym. Senior panoramas are done for every graduating class, with varying results, according to school officials. They’re considered to be one of the most notable memories made during senior year, generating a physical memento to commemorate the occasion. They are typically characterized with arranging the students into the last two digits of their graduating year (in this case, ’19) before taking a photo.


Naturally, those arranging the panoramic encourage seniors to show their school spirit. “Make sure to wear you senior class hoodies or Westside tees,” Meagan Hendrix (CQ), organizer of a majority of events at Westside, advises. “If you don’t have either of those, just wear black.”

Seniors with exclusively B day or half day schedules that aren’t intended be on campus during shooting are encouraged to join in too. “Just drive into the back parking lot and walk into the gym,” Hendrix stated early Tuesday morning. School officials will allow for your entrance onto the campus for the event.

With the excitement of their upcoming graduation coming to a head, all seniors are welcomed to attend and participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.