My coming out story

Kyla Shropshire, Writer

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When I tell me people I like girls the first thing they ask is “Does your mom know?”. Yes my mom knows but it was hard to build up the courage to tell her. I first found my interest in girl when I was in middle school. I was get ready for gym and saw titties and honestly that was one of the many things girls had that guys didn’t that really caught my attention. So I decided to try being in a relationship with a girl (she was crazy but that’s a story for another time). That didn’t work so I stuck to dating guys and just “talking” to girls that was fun but then I ran into the labels and I felt pressured to pick one so I picked being bisexual. I kept it a secret though and the only people who knew were my god sister and the people I talked to. Once I got to high school I didn’t feel like I had to keep it a secret anymore because it was so common. I came out to my sister first and she kept pushing me to tell my mom but I was way too scared. My mother and father aren’t as understanding and they find liking the same sex to be repulsive. After having my first girlfriend in high school I decided to tell her while coming home from school she wasn’t impressed and she sounded disappointed when I told her I wanted to marry a woman once I got older. That same day my mom made me tell my dad and he politely condemned me to hell (I’m too extra to be telling stories like this sorry LOL). I was sad for awhile and didn’t feel accepted but after awhile they had to realize that I’m not changing and they were gonna have to love me and whoever I choose to love…..The End