Kyla Shroshire, Writer

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This is random but I thought it would help a few beautiful souls…

Welcome to ‘Advice w/ Kyla’

Tonight I wanna talk about depression. Depression is a real thing that can affect anyone. Many people don’t think their friends can be depressed because they dress nice, always seem happy, and have a stable home but that’s not true anyone can be depressed. So with that being said my first tip is to always check on the people you love. I know you can’t force them to tell you whats wrong but it makes them feel like someone cares. Another tip is when talking to them don’t start out with “what could you possibly be depressed for…” this makes them feel like your downplaying their feelings. Now my next piece of advice is for those who are actually depressed. If you feel like you have no one to talk to text “VOICE” to 201-21. It’s basically an over the phone free therapist it helps you feel better about what you’re going through. You can text them or call them. Their website is

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