The Story of Tanyah Ali

Jada Webb and Zayen Escobar

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Tanyah Ali is Bronx, New York, she is 15 years old. The 15 years she’s been born, she’s lived in 3 different states. Her experience from living in 3 different states she felt uncomfortable because she doesnt have a place to actually call her home she can only say where she is from. As she was growing up she went to 3 different school and for her it wasn’t hard to start over but she also doesn’t get settled because she doesn’t know if shed move again. As a kid her childhood sucked it was deppresing, when she was young her parents got divorced and her mom had remarried and her recent husband had cheated on her mother, so when it came to her mother having different boyfriends over time in the house she doesn’t feel comfortable with them in the house, When she needs to keep busy, she loves to draw Anime and watches drama tv shows.

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